The Knights of St Columba Council 631 Strood was installed on 27th November 1997.  The council meets on the 1st Saturday of each month (except August) in the St John Fisher room at 7.30pm.  The meetings usually last for just over an hour.  New members are always welcomed.

The Grand Knight of the Council is Arthur Annal and he can be contacted on 01474 822600 Mobile 07747 791382 - e-mail-  and also Ken Martenstyn, Provincial Grand Knight Southwark Province 12- 01634 719298, Mobile 07881944972  e-mail

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Council 631 Strood welcomes the appointment of Fr Tom Lynch as our Council Chaplain to guide us Spiritually.



The Padre Pio Group in Strood meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm in the John Fisher room at English Martyrs' Church.  The Leader of the group is Mrs Mary John and she can be contacted on 01634 295184 Mobile 07963 199603

The Group pray a set of prayers to our Lady of Perpetual Help and ask the intercessions of Padre Pio for the Church, its Priests and Nuns, as well as for the personal intentions of those present.  The Rosary is also recited.  The Group is highly spiritual and each member has their own personal and moving story of encounters with their beloved Saint Pio.

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Members of the Finance Committee are:-

Sue Hibbert - Chair, Contact -01634 353332  Fr Anton Vijayan Jerome, Rev John Letley, Sister Augustine and Angela Decker , Secretary.

The Finance Committee  assists the priest in the administration of parish temporal matters.  An active, well-formed parish Finance Committee is a key element for promoting the financial health of a parish, assuring accountability.  The role of the Finance Committee is to oversee all church expenditure and ensure that all monies are accounted for.

For more information contact the Parish Office - 01634 717582


The Legion of Mary is a wonderful association of Catholics who have formed themselves into a body to be of service to the Church in the modern world.  It can count its membership as Legion.  It takes as its model, Mary Immaculate and through her its members seek to present Christ to everyone.  Under ecclesiastical guidance its objective is the spiritual formation of all Confirmed members of the Church, through prayer and the Lay Apostolate, so as to realise their vocation to holiness.

The Legion of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows Presidium Strood meets  every Wednesday after the 9.30am Mass at English Martyrs' Church Strood, in the St John Fisher Room and starts with reciting the Rosary, followed by the meeting which usually last for just over and hour followed by light refreshments and a chat.

The President of the group is Mrs Janet Rickards and she can be contacted on 01634 290949

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Committee members are:- Liz Collis - Chairperson, Richar  Smith, Penny Modena, Sylma Slevin, Sue Hibbert, Midge Cox.

The Role of the Social/Fundraising Committee is to raise much needed funds for the parish, and other nominated charities, as well as organising a varied social calander of events in the parish throughout the year.


Fr Anton is Chairman, Penny Modena is Secretary, members of Council are - Sue Hibbert, Rob Dennis, Angela Decker, Rev John Letley, Sr Augustine, Teresa, Dennis, Arthur Annal, Miretta Cannavina, Daniel Annal, Richard Smith, George Marcar, Clare Redmond, Janet Mudge, Bernie Hepplewhite, Monica O'Brien, Liz Collis.

The Role of the Parish Pastoral Council is to develop a vision for the future of the parish working in partnership with parishioners and the Parish Priest and to develop and support the implementation of plans to achieve that vision.


Monica O'Brien is Chairperson, Penny Modena, Pat Tovey, Daniel Annal, George Marcar, Charlotte Knowledon, Sr Augustine.

Fr Anton is assisted in his responsibilities for promoting good liturgical formation and celebration within the parish by the Liturgy Committee.  This Committee arranges and manages day to day celebrations throughout the year.  The purpose of the Liturgy Group is threefold:

* To deepen an understanding in the parish of what the Liturgy is

*To enable the parish to celebrate Liturgical worship in the very best way that it can

*To be the means of providing a key channel of communication within the parish on worship issues.


Alter Servers Leader is Daniel Annal, contact 01474822600.

For more information on The Guild of St Stephens Altar Servers and the various Medals visit the website  - Click here

Alter servers rally on the 1st May '17 at Aylesford Friars. English Martyrs alter servers have been invited to serve at the Mass. Meeting time at the 'pond' is 10.10.


Midge Cox is team leader and can be contacted on 01634 711534  Team members are:- Sue Hibbert, Liz Collis,Penny Modena, Theresa Dennis, Monica O'Brien and Sr Augustine

The Group meet on the 1st Monday of each month to clean the Church from 6.30pm to 8pm followed by their monthly meeting.

Mothers Prayer Group is a group for mothers who wish to pray together for their children and grand children and all children in need. Members come from many different denominations and cultures. 


Rob Dennis - Chairman, Lawrence McEvoy, Miretta Cannavina, Perry Holmes, Diane Chambers, Graham Baron,  Dario Modena, Domnic Redmond, Richard Smith.

The Role of the Buildings Committee is to advise on the maintenance of the fabric of all Church buildings in the parish and to ensure that all heating and electrical installations are functioning correctly.


The Chairman is Sherick Hamilton and can be contacted on 07432 584387   E-MAIL   Mr John Trollop, chairman of Board of Trustees, is also a team member and attends regularly.

The club meet on Fridays ,fortnightly, from 6.30pm to  9.00pm at English Martyrs' Church, Strood. For Ages 7 - 14 years old.  Fees paid £1.00 per night.

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Dear all, 

Here are the proposed dates for the youth club for next term. If there are any issues, please can you reply back to me by Friday. 



                                                                                                               PARISH CHOIR

Mike Lavelle is the person you need to contact for information about Joining the Choir.  He plays the Keyboard on Sundays at the 10.30 Mass and other Church functions.

Contact details :- Tel: 01634 221408  Mobile 07397 565506  E-mail


Sylma Slevin is Chairperson - 01634 716462, Clare De Fede Secretary of the Committee - 01634 715369, Katherine Mogg is Treasurer  and Anka Brzeski is in charge of Administration.


The care committee organises annual a New Year's Lunch for our Senior Citizens and also Tea Parties during the Summer in July

R.C.I.A /RITE - Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Leader is Penny Modena  -  Contact 07702 833994